The All-new Air Jordan 4 “Helio”

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that this concept of the famed Air Jordan 4 is a head-turner. A design that’s either too hot to handle or one that could be enshrined in the memories of fans forever.

The Air Jordan 4 “Helio” is a bold statement and a breath of fresh air during an age filled muted Jordans that lack a certain punch!
Michael Jordan’s 4th signature silhouette has been the canvas for quite a few masterpieces (and a few disasters) but one thing is for sure, the Jordan 4 features a design that can be adjusted to the liking of pretty much anyone.
A plethora of colorways have flooded the market ever since the AJ4’s conception in 1989, releasing in a total of just 4 colorways, all of which have been re-released a multitude of times. It’s about time Jordan Brand starts taking cues from artists that have been coming up with back-to-back masterful mock-ups, each feature of which permeates the designer’s ingenuity.

Coming to the sneaker itself, the “Helio” sobriquet is inspired by the Heliotrope flower that wears pinkish-purple hues, a color tone that presents itself vividly on various parts of this Air Jordan 4. While predominantly featuring black leather, you can also see mesh grills on the side panels that differentiate themselves from the rest of the black leather only by its visible texture.  The very same grills are present along the throats, most of which are enveloped by traditional thick black laces.

Black leather eye stays are cornered by metallic pink plastic eyelets that are attached to triangular leather pieces while the tumbled leather tongues are contrasted by shocking pink Jump-Man logos and trims, reminiscent of the Air Jordan 4 “Fuschia”. Meanwhile, plain black sock liners and interiors blend in nicely with the rest of the darker rear half.

Below the plain black toe boxes, the scuff-guards feature heliotrope paisley patterns that embellish the entire design. Paisley is a tear-drop-shaped textile design that’s been used across cultures for centuries and symbolizes life. This elegant pattern is definitely the highlight of this Air Jordan 4. White midsoles with black hits and “Pink Blast” outsoles complete the design.
Although these may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I can see many fans giving these kicks a cop if it was ever adopted and implemented by Jordan Brand.
There’s plenty more where that came from so stay tuned for more concept art to come!